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It’s True: You Do Spend More Money When Not Working!

It has been an embarrassingly long 6 months or so since we last posted, and there are lots of reasons why this website has been dormant for so long.  The last time we wrote, there were unresolved questions about exactly … Continue reading

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Wanting an Uncomplicated Path towards FIRE

Will and I walk our dog Katie on this path at least once a day, and, really, right about now, we could use a straight and uncomplicated path like this one.  No decisions, nor offshoots.  Just flowers happily in bloom … Continue reading

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How We Had Our Lowest Monthly Spend in a Year!

We’d been keeping track of our expenses as per usual, but the final results still surprised us. Every grocery shopping trip, every massive Costco run, every fill-up of gas, etc. got duly recorded, but August turned out to be our … Continue reading

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Some Do’s and Don’t’s of Traveling Abroad…

It was a conversation we were to remember with bitter irony for weeks–months, years–afterwards. We had just arrived in Spain and gotten ourselves settled in a nicer-than-expected Barcelona hotel.  We were excited about getting a three-course lunch and then sightseeing … Continue reading

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Unexpected FIRE Lessons Learned from a Fitness Watch

Last Saturday, I got a Fitbit Blaze watch.  No worries: It was a gift, so our hard-earned retirement savings didn’t go towards fluff purchase.  In any case, after only a few days of use, I’ve already learned some valuable and … Continue reading

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