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Wanting an Uncomplicated Path towards FIRE

Will and I walk our dog Katie on this path at least once a day, and, really, right about now, we could use a straight and uncomplicated path like this one.  No decisions, nor offshoots.  Just flowers happily in bloom … Continue reading

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How We Had Our Lowest Monthly Spend in a Year!

We’d been keeping track of our expenses as per usual, but the final results still surprised us. Every grocery shopping trip, every massive Costco run, every fill-up of gas, etc. got duly recorded, but August turned out to be our … Continue reading

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…to Retire?

We’re seeing the slogan everywhere.  Sometimes, the word order is different: Reuse, Reduce, Recycle.  But it’s the same three words, usually accompanied by the plea to increase our recycling efforts. As in the plastic bag pictured above, the idea is … Continue reading

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Our Year of Cleaning Cheaply and Conscientiously

Face, body, clothes, windows, showers, toilets.  You name it, we clean it.  But how much were we spending on cleansing our faces and bodies?  And how many chemicals were we dumping into the earth’s already-fragile system in order to get … Continue reading

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WANTED: Retirement Town without Fireworks!

Will and I have a growing list of what we cannot do without in our retirement town of choice: wide variety of ethnic restaurants; at least weekly (farmer’s) markets; proximity to cultural events and geographical beauty; temperate climate which might … Continue reading

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