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More Freedom with Fewer Choices?

I was in the dental hygiene aisle at our local drugstore several years ago when I was met with a hapless sight.  An elderly couple looked at their wits’ end, and I tried not to crowd them lest I increase … Continue reading

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Preparing to Retire: Decluttering at a Flea Market!

Will and I lived for a year in England May 2006-May 2007 when his work needed him there to help launch a project.  His company put most of our belongings in storage, and we only shipped some necessities: bikes, books … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Ex-“Free Gift” Junkie

Hello.  My name is Julie, and I am a “free gift” addict. I receive postcards like the one above, and I get all excited at the prospect of getting $40 “value” worth of gifts–in a tote bag I’ll never use–if … Continue reading

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Walking the Path to Early Retirement, Step by Step

Today, April 8, 2015, is exactly 1000 days away from January 2, 2018.  So, after tomorrow, that countdown clock to the right will start displaying fewer than 4 digits.  Soon enough, it will read “0.” This is both an exciting … Continue reading

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Travel Fears for Women: Questionable Bathrooms

I have a childhood memory involving my grandmother’s outhouse in a South Korean fishing village that has morphed into an irrational fear that won’t go away. In my nightmare vision, I fall inside the narrow rectangle that had been cut … Continue reading

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