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Dinner IN with Friends

We love dining out with friends.  With another couple.  In a group of eight.  Whatever.  Whether it’s intimate and cosy or raucous and fun, there’s something life-affirming about seeing other people also enjoying themselves while dining out. But it’s difficult … Continue reading

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Get Those Receipts!

…And check your credit card statements! Lately, more and more merchants make receipts “optional.”  Often they ask if you want a paper or emailed copy.  (I always ask for paper, so that I can verify the charge before I leave … Continue reading

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Do We All Suffer From FOMO?

Does the picture above make you wish you were on a batobus gently cruising along the (romantically overcast) Seine while enjoying beautiful landmark sites we recognize of ornate Parisian bridges and the Eiffel Tower? Good.  Then the photo served its … Continue reading

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What Would Will Do in Retirement?

As I’ve mentioned before, Will is not concerned about keeping himself busy in retirement.  In part because he currently has less leisure time than I do (after all, I do have summers off…), but also in part because he has … Continue reading

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Are You a DIY or DNY (Do Nothing Yourself) Person?

I am impressed with all the DIY folk out there, especially with the millennial generation. Lots of people are eating from their own elaborate vegetable gardens, constructing their own patios, mending their own fences.  I have a friend who makes … Continue reading

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