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What Happened To Make Our Grocery Bill So High?!

We’re not quite at the end of September yet, but, honestly, we cannot wait for this month to be over so that we can buy some grocery that can be budgeted against October’s expenses. No, we are not starving, so … Continue reading

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Ok, We’re Nervous…

We’re still navigating towards the retirement lighthouse (the above photographed at Muxia, Spain, after our 2013 camino walk), but we confess to being a little nervous about reaching it early. Being relatively new to the whole FIRE agenda, we are … Continue reading

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Double Action Le Creuset Sunday

Only a week into the semester, I knew that the next 15 weeks were going to be brutal.  Because of the luxury of summers off not teaching–but researching, reading, preparing for less familiar classes, etc.–the first weeks of classes become … Continue reading

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Katie Walks Milwaukee

We like Wisconsin.  As residents of northern Illinois, we have a fairly easy commute to Wisconsin, and we find ourselves heading there when we want to enjoy a bit of relaxing resort living in Lake Geneva or when we desperately seek some … Continue reading

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