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FIRE Blogs Light the Way!

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Will and I drove through a holiday light display near his hometown.  There were thousands of lights strung along trees, in various shapes, sizes, and colors.  Christ’s nativity scene was celebrated with lights, and Bethlehem was … Continue reading

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Afflicted with Affluenza in Our Own Brave New World?

In Aldous Huxley’s 1932 dystopian novel, Brave New World, a World State exists almost entirely to proliferate consumption. In the novel, “gratuitous” pleasures like visiting the countryside were discouraged as an acceptable pastime because the world’s leaders discovered that “a love … Continue reading

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Preparing to Retire! By Making Ice Cream?

As we prepare and pare down for retirement, we are going through that stage where we attempt–one last effort!–to put to use sundry items rolling around in our storage and pantry shelves.  If our attempt fails, then we have another … Continue reading

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Specialization is Overrated–and Expensive!

The heart-shaped cupcake pans in the catalog were pretty cute.  The pumpkin pancake mold seemed more work than necessary, though it seemed neat as a “seasonal” item.  But the one-step banana slicer was too much.  If there is a food … Continue reading

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Is the Grass NOT Greener on the Other Side of Chicago?

When Will and I were last in Italy, in 2009, we had the most spectacular but simple–perhaps spectacular because simple?–lunch near Positano, complete with breathtaking scenery below.  Anticipating the much talked-about hike along the Via degli dei which we planned on taking … Continue reading

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