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Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays and a FIRE-y 2016!

It seems to us that we get sucked into keeping-up-with-the-Joneses lifestyle in just about every facet of our lives–including sending holiday greetings. Here’s how Will and I seemed to have joined that rat race… We found Katie at a rescue … Continue reading

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Hedonic Adaptation and Hosting

Yesterday, we held our annual holiday brunch for some work friends of mine from the university.  It was a lovely affair.  Yes, too much work beforehand.  Yes, too much clean up afterwards.  But wonderful nevertheless to gather some people (and … Continue reading

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Eggs and Frugality?

I’m a story person.  Maybe that’s why I read and teach and write about literature.  In any case, I know that illustrative details from a well-told story can make an impact on me and stay with me for a long … Continue reading

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Is the FIRE Blogosphere NOT a Unisex Space?

We have noticed an interesting phenomenon regarding FIRE blogs.  Almost all the most important, influential, popular, and well-known ones are written by men. This is not to say that women do not author personal finance blogs (this is Julie actually writing, … Continue reading

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