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Preparing to Retire Abroad Series, Part 2: Our Baby Steps to Live Abroad

I might have mentioned in a few places that Will and I are looking into retiring–at least partly–abroad.  Specifically, France.  But that doesn’t seem like an easy retirement maneuver, much harder than moving to Florida or Arizona for warm weather. … Continue reading

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City Break Without Breaking the Budget

We have been working very hard at saving for Financial Independence (so that we could) Retire Early.  But I have to admit that sometimes it could get to feeling a bit like deprivation.  At times like this, I start dreaming … Continue reading

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Minutes of the Retired Ladies Club Dinner

Last weekend, Will and I had three friends over for dinner.  All three ladies were former colleagues of mine–teachers in the English department–who stopped working in the last five years.  We’ve always enjoyed their company and conversation, and it was … Continue reading

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How to Turn Scarcity into A Saver’s Friend

Everyone has heard the phrase “Pay yourself first.”  Simply put, it means that you should make sure that you are SAVING (for retirement in 401K, for downpayment on a big purchase, etc.) by putting aside money before you use it … Continue reading

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Walk-In Closet De-Clutter Walk-Through

Me: “Actually, you’re doing it wrong.  You’re supposed to put ALL your clothes in a giant heap on the floor, pick up every single item of clothing you own, and see if it sparks joy.” Will: “I’m not going to … Continue reading

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