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Preparing to Retire Abroad Series, Part 3: Two Tales of Home Abroad

Last week, during my Spring Break, I decided to continue my research into the possibility of living in France and resolved to follow my own advice (from Part 2 in this series) to read more about real-life experiences of those … Continue reading

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Hitting Bumps on the Road to Retirement

Imagine that you are suddenly faced with a 20% reduction in pay for your very next paycheck! Well, that’s the situation all full-time employees at my university is facing this spring semester.  Somehow, all of us–administrators, teachers, office staff, advisors–have … Continue reading

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On Not Letting Perfect Be the Enemy of Good (Enough)

For all those considering FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early), I would like to propose that we consider the “Good Enough” Code that I personally live by. In our household, any differences of opinion we have usually boil down to these two … Continue reading

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The Unexpected Correlation between FIRE and PIZZA

Is there a reason why there is a picture of a pizza on a personal finance blog about early retirement?  Well, as it turns out, there is! Doesn’t the Margherita pizza (above) look tantalizing?  It was, in fact, a particularly … Continue reading

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