For several years, I kept a blog about our eating, reading, and writing adventures.   Posts are still available at:

Eating Reading Writing


There are numerous blogs we follow on personal finance, lifestyle, travel, and food.

We look at this list and are struck by how eclectic it is.  At times, they even seem schizophrenic in their radically different perspectives.  For instance, Mr. Money Mustache and Early Retirement Extreme might be horrified to discover that they are on the same list as Manger and Daily Connoisseur–and vice versa.

Sometimes the differences in focus are owing to Will’s vs. my interests.  Other times, it’s because we are very keen on financial independence and retiring early (FIRE), but not always at the expense of the occasional forays into living the good life, travel, and enjoying arte far niente (art of doing nothing), preferably in France or Italy.

No worries though.  We have our eyes firmly on the prize of reaching FIRE before our countdown clock shows “0.”  Then, we hope to share what we do with all our days AFTER we retire!


Mr. Money Mustache

Go Curry Cracker!

Can I Retire Yet

James Collins: jlcollinsnh

Living a FI: A Geek’s Guide to Financial Independence

Mad FIentist

Early Retirement Extreme


The Escape Artist

Simple Living in Suffolk


Art of Exploration

Our French Dream

Frenchless in France

Manger: Mimi Thorisson

Daily Connoisseur

2 Responses to Blogs

  1. JL Collins says:

    Hi Julie and Will…

    Thanks for having jlcollinsnh on your blogroll!

    Would you be interested in reviewing my upcoming book?

    If so, post a comment on my blog here:
    and I’ll send you an advance copy of the manuscript and details.



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