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Here is an Archive of ALL POSTS so that you can browse through and read what sounds good for your mood today.  Except when we go on vacation (or when work gets too hectic), we try to be fairly regular about posting on Mondays.

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June 2017

Our Worst Financial Mistake (Thus Far)

March 2017

It’s True: You Do Spend More Money When Not Working!

September 2016

Wanting an Uncomplicated Path towards FIRE

How We Had Our Lowest Monthly Spend in a Year!

August 2016

Some Do’s and Don’t’s of Traveling Abroad…

Unexpected FIRE Lessons Learned from a Fitness Watch

Should We Take A “Gap Year”?

Preparing to Retire Abroad Series, Part 7: Going with the Flow

Hierarchy of Retirement Hurdles

July 2016

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…to Retire?

Preparing to Retire Abroad Series, Part 6: Choosing a City

Our Year of Cleaning Cheaply and Conscientiously

WANTED: Retirement Town without Fireworks!

June 2016

Practicing for Retirement Living with Strawberry Picking

Simplify Your Investing and Enrich Your Life

Reimagining Life after FIRE

Preparing to Retire Abroad Series, Part 5: Space-Saving Ideas from European Kitchens

Preparing to Retire Abroad Series, Part 4: Market Reflections

May 2016

Not Exactly a Walk in the Park, Part 3: Camino Sleeping

Not Exactly a Walk in the Park, Part 2: Camino Bug Bites

April 2016

Not Exactly a Walk in the Park, Part 1: Camino Blisters

What I Did on My Furlough Day

Learning Moments from Our Spring Recycling “Event”

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same?

March 2016

Preparing to Retire Abroad Series, Part 3: Two Tales of Home Abroad

Hitting Bumps on the Road to Retirement

On Not Letting Perfect Be the Enemy of Good (Enough)

The Unexpected Correlation between FIRE and PIZZA

February 2016

Preparing to Retire Abroad Series, Part 2: Our Baby Steps to Live Abroad

City Break Without Breaking the Budget

Minutes of the Retired Ladies Club Dinner

How to Turn Scarcity into A Saver’s Friend

Walk-In Closet De-Clutter Walk-Through

January 2016

Not Exactly Credit Card “Hacking,” but…

2015: Our First Year of Living for FIRE

Tackling that Restaurant Budget!

May This Year’s Resolutions Prove Successful…

December 2015

Wishing Everyone Happy Holidays and a FIRE-y 2016!

Hedonic Adaptation and Hosting

Eggs and Frugality?

Is the FIRE Blogosphere NOT a Unisex Space?

November 2015

FIRE Blogs Light the Way!

Afflicted with Affluenza in Our Own Brave New World

Preparing to Retire! By Making Ice Cream?

Specialization is Overrated–and Expensive!

Is the Grass NOT Greener on the Other Side of Chicago?

October 2015

Crossing the Bridge between FI and RE

How Too Many Skirts Led to Reflections on Hoarding Stuff

Preparing to Retire Abroad Series, Part 1: Exploring the Appeal of Living Abroad

How Was Your Third Quarter Budget?

September 2015

What Happened To Make Our Grocery Bill So High?!

Ok, We’re Nervous…

Double Action Le Creuset Sunday

Katie Walks Milwaukee

August 2015

Dinner IN with Friends

Get Those Receipts!

Do We All Suffer From FOMO?

What Would Will Do in Retirement?

Are You a DIY or DNY (Do Nothing Yourself) Person?

July 2015

Congratulations to us! 25.5% Reduction in Expenses!

Quality Wins Over Quantity, Again

Weaning Ourselves Away from Department Stores

Well, that STINKS!

June 2015

The Perfect Storm of Signs?

Snacking Along the Camino

Murder Mystery “Retirement Porn”?

Green Acres Is the Place To Be?

Dresser Done, onto Closet Decluttering!

May 2015

Dealing with Challenges to Our Retirement Dreams

Is It Possible to Vacation in Maui More Frugally…?

Flea Markets Are Not Us! Maybe.

April 2015

More Freedom with Fewer Choices?

Preparing to Retire: Decluttering at a Flea Market!

Confessions of an Ex-“Free Gift” Junkie

Walking the Path to Early Retirement, Step by Step

Travel Fears for Women: Questionable Bathrooms

March 2015

Reasons Why We Don’t Have More Savings

Now What? Once you get to the top of the mountain…

Travel Tip: Ordering Coffee with Cream in Europe

Savings Tip: DIY Dog Grooming

Lake Geneva, WI: Four-Season Midwest Destination

Cafe Gourmand=My New Favorite Dessert!

Why 1000 Days? And Could It Turn Out To Be 3000 Instead?